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22 JANUARY 2007

The Azerbaijanian deeply commemorate the shahids, who sacrificed their lives for the Independence of our Homeland in the severe days of January 1990, when on the night of the 19th to 20th of January, 1990 in the capital of Azerbaijan and its other cities misdeeds that in their cruelty and misanthropic rage can be compared only to the medieval bloody tragedies were carried out.

5 JULI 2006

Altes Construction ltd. attracts Western investors. The information about Altes Construction ltd. and all its project was places in the international register of the real estate Emporis Buildings (link: Altes Construction projects). The projects of the Altes Construction ltd. were shown as the most attractive in the region from the investment point of view. Emporis Buildings is one of the biggest and the most respected international consulting companies. It provides the information about the international market of the real estate and does broad-scale research and rates of the most attractive building projects in the world. The results of Emporis research are used by the millions of people in all sorts of publications, TV-programs and web-resources.

10 JUNE 2006

From the 6th to the 9th of June Altes Construction ltd. took part in the international exhibition “Caspian Oil and Gas” that took part in Baku. The activity of the company was well shown on the company stand, where besides the results achieved by the company in short time, the models of new projects and the plans for the strategic development of the company were exposed.

9 JUNE 2006

The representatives of company Altes Group take part in the sport activities in various kinds of sport and are quite successful in representing their company. On the annual contest “OIL & GAZ Bowling Championship 2006” the Altes Group team managed to take 2nd place among 42 teams-participants from local and foreign companies. It was awarded the Championship winner Cup.

30 MAY 2006

In the foreseeable future in the centre of Baku one more office of Construction Company ltd. for clients service was opened. For now the clients of our company will be able to get more professional and operative consultation, to take notice of the models of the building projects and get all the necessary information about the purchase of the elite real estate from Altes Construction ltd.

16 APRIL 2006

Altes Construction ltd. goes on following its plans for realization the expansion program in the building markets of the near-abroad countries. In result of the strategic partnership the company continues the work on the projects in the South of the Russian Federation and starts the work on the constructing the unique architecture project in the economic capital of Kazakstan.

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