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Success is the main criterion of a modern person, and if one manages to choose a suitable house to point out his success, it speaks not only for the high social status, but also for a good taste.
If you looked for a nice and prestigious house, you, perhaps, noticed, that it is not a piece of cake to find a house to fit both demanding taste and high-quality standards.

The best decision is to choose a super modern complex Altes Plaza, which can be rightfully called a pearl of rapidly smartening Baku. When creating this unique architecture object, built with the usage of the progressive building technologies and construction decisions, all demands of a modern man who values comfort and quality greatly were taken into account. Due to the innovation approach to the building and design, the new complex can be rightfully called Altes Plazа De Luxe. The apartments in Altes Plaza are not just elite real estate; they are the sign of high social status. The features of Altes Plaza form our understanding of an ideal house.

A creative silhouette makes the design of the building unique. The façade is covered with the ceramic granite, the elegance of which is pointed out by the grand illumination of the façade. Thanks to this design decision the building can be seen from many places of the city.

The functionality of Altes Plaza is also unique. It can boast of four-canal conditioning system, that makes possible the usage of cold and hot air simultaneously, and exhaust system with the filtered air given in every flat. There is a covered swimming pool, restaurant and a gym in the complex. It is important that Altes Plaza took care of dwellers’ comfort and built 3-storeyed underground parking with a car wash.

The building is equipped with the central system of water filtration, which, undoubtedly, is one of the important factors of comfortable living. Every flat has Belgian double-glazed windows with argon, which increases the heat-shielding qualities of a window greatly and provides maximum protection from environmental loads.

The qualitative level of living in Altes Plaza is confirmed by the certificate of the Swiss company SGS that is an international leader in the sphere of inspection, testing and certification.

The inseparable factor that points out the status of the building and the prestige value of living there is a three-storeyed Penthouse with the private entrance, hall and lift and a grand entrance to the hall from the façade.

One should mention that Altes Plaza is the ideal apartments in the ideal place – far from noise, hustle and bustle of the city in the low part of Baku. Nevertheless it is not far from the city centre, which is rather convenient.

Finally, Altes Plaza has one more feature that is quite difficult to describe. After going upstairs it’s hard not to get captured by the breathtaking view. No other house of Baku can boast of such view. Once you have been in Altes Plaza, you are sure to want to stay there forever!

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