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ALTES PLAZA introduces a true penthouse

February 10, 2009
There are quite a number of the definitions of the word ‘penthouse’ that point out this or that feature. Some consider penthouse to be a posh flat on the top floor. Others add that it s not merely a flat on the top floor, but a skyscraper flat, i.e. the flat on the very top of a skyscraper.

According to the American linguistic and cultural studies dictionary, penthouse is a posh one-flat residence house, which is placed on the skyscraper roof and is related to the priciest flats.

According to Russian dictionary, penthouse (eng Penthouse – private entrance house) is a private residence on a skyscraper roof or a detached space on the top floor of the building with the private entrance, hall and lift.

As we can see, there is really a big amount of the definitions, but all they mention that a penthouse is something unique, exclusive, not available for the mass-consumer.

In other words, penthouse is a special thing that can be put together with the articles of luxury. Being a special thing, it has some distinguishing features that point out its uniqueness and help it to stand out in the real estate market.

This way, the first and foremost condition of a penthouse is a private entrance, hall and lift.

The next pretty important detail is the glass cover. Ideally, the walls of a skyscraper cottage are to be done from glass (sometimes partial glass cover in De Luxe style is done). The more open space there us, the more vivid the effect is – the feeling of lightness and freedom that comes to those who visit a glass house, placed high in the sky.

One should pay attention at the psychological factor: since nothing puts their pressure on a man from the top, he starts feeling to be a true king in his sky kingdom. In the terms of global urbanization it is of supreme importance.

The most interesting and difficult question is what for do people buy penthouses? The first and most evident answer that comes is that a penthouse by its nature is a unique house that has a number of advantages in comparison with ordinary flats. Any man, who has reached a certain level of wealth, is eager to increase the level of comfort and living conditions. To cut a long story short, penthouse is a material embodiment of the social status.

If to pay attention at the real estate market of the city, one is sure to find the only penthouse fitting all the requirements, it is project Altes Plaza by Altes Group. It is the only three-storey penthouse with a private entrance, hall and lift.

Finally, one should admit that a penthouse is, first and foremost, the way (not the only one sure) of self-accomplishment. This way, one should understand that a penthouse as a sort of real estate is associated with something more than just a flat. It is a special thing; it is not merely a house, but prestige and lifestyle, the expression of individuality and one’s inner man. Actually, it is similar to the markets jewelry, pieces of arts, cars etc. The demand for this sort of things has always existed and it is sure to exist in future.

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