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Alatau Residence

“Alatau Residence” is a 9-storey apartment block situated in the region of the elite building system of the resort-recreational zone in the upper part of Almatu in the Almarasan gorge at the bottom of the mountains Zailij Ala Tau.

Ecologically clean region, great panorama of the city and the mountains and the unique architecture make “Alatau Residence” the pearl of Almaty.

The rise of the area in the central and lower parts of the city, neighborship to the mountains create a great panorama of the sites. It is a real oasis of peace and privacy, luxury and comfort.

The project blends greatly into the surrounding ensemble and is a good example of the combination of the natural beauty and modern architecture.

Elite neighborhood is pointed out by the closeness to
1. South (park) president residence;
2. 1km to the president track “Al-Farabi” – the most famous and prestigious avenue.;
3. President secondary school “Miras”;
4. Dendropark;
5. President children centre “Bobek”;
6. Elite middle-storey building system;
7. Golf-resort “Jaila”».

The construction if the flats allows creating a spacious hall, make sleeping and guest zones, have some special places for cloakrooms and fitted wardrobes, 2-3 bathrooms and a laundry.

The planning decision is based on the principle of the maximum exposing and union of space and rooms, which makes possible changing the planning of the rooms taking into account individual preferences. The height of ceilings (3-3.2 m) makes possible different-level space changes within one flat.

The general colour-grade of the façades supports mild natural coloristics with the help of golden capping of the panoramic windows, light and pastel tones of the outer covering of the building.

When realization the project all the factors required for good comfortable living of a modern man are taken into account. The newest construction decisions have become major helpers in reaching comfort. Noiseless lifts, underground 2-level parking, newest covering materials, built in household equipment and many other options are offered to you by Altes Group in “Alatau Residence” project.

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