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Emerald Palace

Emerald Palace – is a housing Business class project that embraces 33 benefits of Altes Group Company and a perfect combination of the quality, beauty and comfort.

The complex includes a building of three towers placed in a special way so that all the dwellers of the complex could enjoy the beauty of the city and a sea view. Following its traditions Altes Group used only the high-qualitative materials meeting modern standards. Well-developed infrastructure would help you not to bother your head with daily troubles. You will feel you are in a complete security on a well-guided territory of the complex and you can have fun with your family in a yard. Your guests won’t be left without attention either, since there is a special guest parking for them. High-speed lifts Mitsubishi (1.75 m/sec) would take your guests to the required floor.

Emerald Palace – is a perfect combination of three important factors: price, quality, location.

33 features of Emerald Palace

  • Elite elevation of the building
  • Inhabit regulations
  • Great view on Baku & Caspian bay
  • Close to downtown
  • Alternative suggestion of the planning
  • Easy vehicle access
  • Owners & guests WC
  • Open space
  • High ceiling 3.40 – 3.45 (from floor to floor)
  • English garden
  • Ecologically clean district
  • Closed yard
  • Playground
  • Satellite TV
  • High Speed internet
  • Large, elegant furnished Lobby
  • Review through security cameras: lobby, elevators, children garden,
    parking & other places sitting on your sofa
  • 24 hours security
  • Exclusive, wide, high-speed elevators with marble floor (1.6мс)
  • Underground parking
  • On-door speakerphone system
  • Digital phone system
  • AC &Heating system
  • Drainage on balconies
  • Technical services
  • Shopping infrastructure
  • Guest parking
  • German double-glazed windows
  • Seismic resistance
  • Centralfire-preventionsystem
  • Door swith controlo faccess
  • Stone-work
  • Price – Quality -Location

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