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What guarantees the quality?

Since 2006 all the projects of Altes Construction are controlled by the Swiss company SGS. Today Altes Construction is the only building company in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region which offers houses with the quality guarantee confirmed by the first-class specialized international company. SGS is an acknowledged worldwide leader in the field of inspection, control, testing and certification in the different spheres. The name of SGS company, the history of which longs for more than 100 years, has become an etalon of quality and security.

The company accounts for more than 48000 specialists, it administrates the network which embraces more than 1000 branch offices and labs all over the world. The head office of the company is in Geneva, Switzerland; the offices that major in inspection, control, testing and certification, building are in Madrid, Spain, and Prague, The Czech Republic. SGS ltd. controls our projects on different stages, including the design of our working projects, supply and implementation.

How is SGS control supervised?

Conceptually, the control from SGS is held in five spheres ?architecture, structure, mechanics, electrical engineering and fire security. E.g. in two of our projects Academy House and Caspian Terrace fire safety control is being held, in Emerald Palace ?mechanics, electrical engineering and fire safety control, Altes Plaza and Altes Park are controlled by SGS in all the spheres.

The control is supervised in this way:

1st stage – The project approval
On this stage the project designed by the project organizations is sent to the Prague office of SGS, where the specialists in different spheres analyze it and if needed make some additions and corrections for the correspondence to the international standards. Then the working project is confirmed by SGS and is sent for the implementation.

2nd stage – The supply.
On this stage SGS holds a tender among the suppliers of building materials, after which three main suppliers are defined, they correspond to international standards for the used equipment, production technology, staff, base material storage, lab etc. Then after the delivery the testing of the materials, equipment and the work done is held, it has two levels: a visual and a laboratory one.

3rd stage – Implementation
The third final stage is the stage of implementation it includes the building procedure, supply control and certification. This stage is held under the direct control of SGS specialists who are present at the building grounds and control the work to correspond to the set standards.

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